26.9.2018: Taking over the beekeeping equipment

The migratory bee house with LR hives and the mobile extracting unit with all the accessories is completed and ready to be shipped from the Port of Koper. Within a month the consignment will arriveat the Port of Chittagong in Bangladesh.

The whole set is designed as a mobile unit which will enable the bee colonies to be transported to those areas with nectar flow, thus reducing the added sugar throughout the season to the minimum. The migratory bee house will be a shelter for the colonies of Carniolan Honey Bee, colonies of the Italian Honey Bee and colonies of the latter with a Carniolan queen bee.

The second container is intended for honey extraction and is also designed as a mobile unit which will travel from place to place wherever the need for extraction may arise, and will also visit the local participants in the project who will monitor the nectar flow in different places with the scales.

The entire equipment and all the technology was designed and produced according to the design plan based on an on-the-spot study of beekeeping in Bangladesh, carried out in 2016. The study served as a basis for the drafting of the pilot project programme in partnership with BRAC, the Medex company and the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia.

The design enables the best yield of the beekeeping season in Bangladesh, and at the same time ensures protection against the difficult weather conditions in a monsoon climate.