Webinar Basic Beekeeping for urban environment

Title of education: Basic Beekeeping for urban environment Area: Technologies in Beekeeping, Bee health care, Municipal structure for beekeeping and biodiversity, Pedagogical concept of beekeeping in the city, Bee tourism Instructors: Gorazd Trušnovec, Veterinary faculty, Maruška Markovčič, Nina Ilič, Dominika Koritnik Trepel Lecture title Date Time Basics beekeeping  technologies in urban environment 6 th July … Read more

Webinar General Beekeeping

The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia is organizing a webinar General Beekeeping, which will take place over ten hours with lectures and a practical demonstration of the beekeeper’s work in the field. The training will be led by beekeeper and instructor of the Slovenian Beekeeping Academy Mitja Smrdel. Applications for the webinar will be open from … Read more

Poklukar’s Days 2018

We remember some people we meet, but there are also others who will be remembered by history, which renders them immortal. One of these, especially in the beekeeping world, is Dr Janez Poklukar, a renowned apicultural scientist, expert, researcher and pedagogue from Senično by Tržič. Dr Janez Poklukar was born on 2 May 1960 in … Read more

Apifuture Symposium, 18.10.2018

APIFUTURE SYMPOSIUM 2018 POWERED BY MEDEX The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia was invited to participate in the Apifuture Symposium, as organised by the Medex company to mark the first World Day of Bees. The event will take place on 18 October 2018 in the Mons Hotel in Ljubljana. At the forefront of the event’s agenda … Read more