On Saturday, June 29, 2019, the first education of the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia organised first education by our special module Queen breeding.

Education was held in Višnja Gora at the birthplace of the Carniolan bee. First of all, the participants in the mentorship of dr. Peter Kozmus acquainted with the theoretical foundations in the field of breeding queens. They were presented with valid legislation, selection and selection of bee colonies, various breeding technologies and associated equipment, powder nets and packing and marketing of queens.

The practical part of the training was held in Zagradec, led by Henrik Zaletelj. Nineteen students attended the 7-hour training and were the first group of recipients of the certificate of the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia.

Special thanks for helping organize the education are going to the Ivančna Gorica Municipality, the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association  and Mr. Zaletelj with the family.

Reviews of participants of the first education of the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia:

“I would like to commemorate the choice of individual chapters from the topic of education, the exact beginning of the lectures, the clarity of the instructions on the course, the place and time of the education, and the quick and effective communication with you.”

“More I think, more I am grateful to participate in education because I have found a lot of useful information, although I am still on the very beginning of acquiring knowledge about bees. I have no comments on the performance, it’s nice to listen to the experts, but the added value is that they are people who enjoy beekeeping. In this way, knowledge is mediated in such a way that the world of bees is even more enthusiastic, and it reaches the heart. “