Mission, vision and goals


  • To improve knowledge in the field of apiculture in the international arena

to offer practical training to the stakeholders in Slovenia and abroad, to bring different branches together in a common mission to spread quality knowledge about bees and beekeeping, to enable cooperation between Slovene and foreign experts working in different fields, and to make practical use of the resulting broader network of knowledge

  • To enhance the promotion of Slovenia, Slovenian apiculture and tourism

to spread Slovenia’s rich tradition of beekeeping, which has a history of more than 200 years, to promote Slovenia and its natural diversity on a global scale, as well as the knowledge of Slovenian beekeepers and the endemic Carniolan Grey around the world

  • To improve employment opportunities

to implement education and training projects for developing countries (with the use of visiting tutors)

  • To raise awareness of the importance of bees and pollination

to spread an ecological way of thinking and a lifestyle that shows respect for all living beings

MISSION AND VISION: living with nature, innovation, creativity, openness

The main motto of the BAS is to “Live naturally with the beekeeping academy”. With nature as its point of departure, the BAS gives priority to ecological values and the importance of living in harmony with the gifts of nature and recognising the immense opportunities nature offers for our personal and economic development. As a pioneering educational institution in the informal training of beekeepers, the BAS adopts an innovative approach towards knowledge dissemination, called problem-based education, a creative approach with interactive learning and open knowledge sharing.