Webinar Basic Beekeeping for urban environment

Title of education: Basic Beekeeping for urban environment

Area: Technologies in Beekeeping, Bee health care, Municipal structure for beekeeping and biodiversity, Pedagogical concept of beekeeping in the city, Bee tourism

Instructors: Gorazd Trušnovec, Veterinary faculty, Maruška Markovčič, Nina Ilič, Dominika Koritnik Trepel

Lecture title Date Time
Basics beekeeping  technologies in urban environment 6 th July 2020 / 07/06/2020 15:00 CET

Bee health care in urban environment 7th July 2020 / 07/07/2020 15:00 CET

Municipal structure for beekeeping and biodiversity 8th July 2020 / 07/08/2020 15:00 CET

Pedagogical concept of beekeeping in the city 9th  July 2020 / 07/09/2020 15:00 CET

Bee tourism in urban environment 13th  July 2020 / 07/10/2020 15:00 CET

The beekeeping training is organized as a five day, ten hours long webinar and presents basic knowledge for beekeeping implementation in urban environment.

The webinar consists from 5 different, but closely connected topics, essential for good beekeeping and biodiversity saving practices. The course provides a theoretical overview of urban beekeeping, bee health care, pedagogical approach, bee supporting municipal structures and bee tourism in general. Part of the course is devoted to a debate on specific topics, which serves as a basis for further selection of the right level of training in special educational module (after this webinar you can decide which area is suitable and most needed for your environment and beekeeping type and contact the mentor directly for further educational support ).

Webinar will be conducted only in English.

More details: https://sca.kis.si/en/education/