Si sapis, sis apis

“If you desire wisdom, do like the honeybee.”

About the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia

Slovenians have a centuries-old beekeeping tradition that all the knowledge and findings related to modern beekeeping in Slovenia are based on. The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia (SČA) contributes to the spread of extensive, more than two-hundred-year-old knowledge about beekeeping in Slovenia in the form of non-formal educational courses both in Slovenia and abroad. SČA was established in 2018 in response to the expressed interests of many countries in the transfer of Slovenian knowledge, skills and practices of the Slovenian beekeeping profession to other countries. SČA strives to share knowledge about beekeeping in the form of non-formal educational courses, to promote Slovenian educational institutions in the field of beekeeping and to spread new knowledge in the national and international context.

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Education section

The purpose of SČA is to provide non-formal education in the field of beekeeping. SČA carries out its mission to share its extensive knowledge about beekeeping in Slovenia as an organizer and provider of various types of educational courses. SČA is primarily intended for the education of foreigners, education providers and other interested public.


Apitourism is a key segment of the green economy, as it significantly promotes the economic efficiency of beekeeping and follows the principles of the strategy for the development of sustainable tourism.

Beekeeping with AŽ hives

Behind the painted facades of Slovenian apiaries AŽ beehives are stacked, the main technological specialty of beekeeping in Slovenia.

Queen breeding and selection

The queen bee is the focal point of the bee colony, her presence ensures work enthusiasm and the strength of the colony when new eggs begin to hatch.

Guidelines for good hygiene habits in beekeeping

Guidelines for good hygiene habits in beekeeping based on the principles of the HACCP* system are intended for all beekeepers as an aid and guidance in ensuring safe and quality bee products.

Beekeeping instructors

The educational programs of the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia are carried out by beekeeping instructors who have the appropriate knowledge and experience. They are highly qualified practitioners who have a positive attitude and the ability and desire to transfer knowledge and skills to those interested in Slovene, English and other foreign languages.

Beekeeping in Slovenia

As early as 1770, Empress Maria Theresa appointed Anton Janša from Kranj as the first teacher of beekeeping in the Habsburg monarchy. Today, Slovenian beekeepers are renowned around the world as foremost experts in their field that are well organized and keep bees in a bee-friendly and sustainable way. Their knowledge and skills are highly valued and set an example for beekeepers in other countries.

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Presentation of the BAS

Participating institutions