Webinar General Beekeeping

The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia is organizing a webinar General Beekeeping, which will take place over ten hours with lectures ...
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A fact-finding mission in Ethiopia

Background Ethiopia is one of the developing countries, with about 85% of the population living on subsistence agriculture. According to ...
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Let’s mark the World Bee and Pollinator Day

On December 20 in New York, the United Nations General Assembly (UN) unanimously adopted a resolution declaring May 20 as World Bee Day. It is right that, at least on this day, the world public is reminded of the importance of conserving bees and other pollinators for entire mankind, and is invited to take real action in order to preserve them.

The proposer of the World Bee Day was the Republic of Slovenia, the homeland of beekeeping.

In the past year, Slovenia took one step further and founded the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia as the organizational unit of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia organizes informal education courses in the field of beekeeping. In this way, we want to become the leading country in the field of beekeeping knowledge and innovation development and thus a net exporter of new beekeeping skills, practices and technological solutions.

May 20 is the day when Anton Janša, a beekeeper from Breznica, present-day Slovenia, was born (1734-1773). He is known as a pioneer of modern beekeeping and one of the greatest experts on bees of the time. He was the first modern beekeeping teacher in the world.


As a part of the Apimondia Congress in Montreal, Canada 2019, on September 10 from 3:30 to 6:30 pm in room 525AB, we invite you to the Slovenian Day, where Slovenian beekeeping and educational programs of the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia will be presented, supported by the contribution of experts who work in Slovenia and internationally. 

On the occasion of the World Bee Day Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia with support of Minister of agriculture, Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association Apimondia  would  like to express the heartfelt congratulations and wish you all a happy celebration!


The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia (BAS) is governed by the Agriculture Act (Zkme-1E). The main purpose of the Academy is to provide informal training about the beekeeping methods developed by Slovenian beekeepers. The BAS is a constituent part of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (AIS) and is located at the Institute’s headquarters in Ljubljana. The Academy was established in response to a growing demand from abroad for the rich knowledge of Slovenian beekeepers. It is chaired by the Academy principal and a programme committee composed. The BAS presents an opportunity for Slovene and foreign experts from different branches to work together in a joint mission to spread professional expertise on bees and beekeeping in Slovenia, and to make practical use of this broader network of knowledge. Through its activities, the BAS will endeavour to raise awareness of the importance of lifelong learning, better connect the Slovenian regions and promote tourism. The major goal is to help develop beekeepers with broad practical knowledge, adhering to the fundamental value of living in harmony with nature, and with a global overview of apiculture, who will proudly demonstrate the knowledge they have gained at the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia.

20th December – the day when beekeepers got WORLD BEE DAY

Boštjan Noč, President of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association:

20th December 2017 has forever marked beekeepers all around the world. That day was declared WORLD BEE DAY by the UN!

In this way, beekeepers have gained a powerful tool for raising public awareness:

  • About why bees are important,
  • Of the fact that they are endangered in many countries and regions due to a variety of reasons, and
  • Of what we must all do in order to improve their survival in the future.

Already more than 7,000 beekeepers and fans of bees and beekeeping from Slovenia and elsewhere gathered at the celebration of the first World Bee Day (on 20th May) in Breznica (Slovenia). Numerous beekeeping delegations from abroad agreed that Slovenia is the land of beekeeping. Words by the (unfortunately deceased) president of the international beekeeping organization Apimondia Mr Philip McCabe from Ireland, which he uttered in public many times, still echo; namely that the heart of the beekeeping world today is in Slovenia!

World Bee Day has already improved the recognition of the importance of bees and beekeeping, especially in Slovenia, but we want it to improve in ot

her countries and regions as well.

Lately, Slovenia has become a synonym for good organization of beekeeping throughout the world. Many beekeepers from all over the planet wish to acquire our beekeeping knowledge and top beekeeping supplies, Slovenian quality hive products are in demand, interest in our Carniolan honey bee has increased, beekeepers from around the world are asking where Slovenia is, how can they come for a visit, and where Slovenian hives can be acquired, there is demand for apiary building plans etc.

All of Slovenia is recognized for its bees and care of them. Bees embody sustainable development, ecotourism, care for a clean and tidy environment, care for eradicating hunger in the world etc. World Bee Day is making a deep and I believe lasting impression at home and abroad.

Many people also want to see where this green and blossoming oasis is, where the land of a thousand apiaries is, the land of painted beehive panels, of Carniolan honey bee, gingerbread hearts, Dražgoše honey breads, the land of clean drinking water, of unmatched mountains and azure sea, the land of superb cuisine, the land where superb hive products are consumed and delicious honey beverages are drunk headed by our unique sparkling mead, which is made using the traditional champagne method and which only Slovenian beekeepers know how to make. After all, the world wants to meet the land of two million kind and hospitable people, which is small in size but big in heart!

Pursuant to the Agriculture Act (ZKme-1E) and for the purpose of the implementation of informal training in the field of beekeeping, the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia shall be established as an organisational unit of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (AIS).