Si sapis, sis apis

” If you’re wise, be like a bee.”

About the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia

Slovenians have a centuries-old beekeeping tradition, on which all of Slovenia's modern beekeeping expertise and insights are based. The Slovenian Beekeeping Academy (BAS) contributes to the distribution of extensive beekeeping expertise in Slovenia, both domestically and internationally. BAS was established in 2018 in response to expressed interest from a number of countries in the transfer of Slovenian beekeeping expertise, competencies, and practices to other countries. BAS aims to expand beekeeping knowledge through non-formal education, to encourage Slovenian educational institutions in the field of beekeeping, and to distribute new knowledge in both the national and international environments.

Education section

The BAS's mission is to provide beekeeping education in a non-formal setting. As an organiser and provider of various types of education, BAS fulfills its mission of spreading rich knowledge about beekeeping in Slovenia. BAS is primarily intended for the education of foreigners, educators, and other members of the public, who are interested.

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Beekeeping instructors

The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia's educational programs are led by beekeeping instructors with the necessary knowledge and experience. These are highly qualified professionals with a positive attitude and the ability and desire to transfer their knowledge and skills to students in Slovene, English, and other foreign languages.

About Slovenian beekeeping

Empress Maria Theresa appointed Anton Janša from Kranj as the first beekeeping teacher in the Habsburg monarchy in 1770. Slovenian beekeepers are now recognized around the world as world-class experts in their field, who are well-organized and practice beekeeping in a sustainable and bee-friendly manner. Their expertise and knowledge are highly regarded, and they serve as role models for beekeepers in other countries.

Presentation of the BAS

Participating institutions