Beekeeping project from BiH is making waves all the way to Ukraine

The March edition of the Ukrainian beekeeping newspaper, Pasika, featured an article spotlighting our initiative, highlighting how beekeeping serves as a significant empowering tool for vulnerable communities, including mine and UXO survivors.

Since 2021, in collaboration with partners ITF Enhancing Human Security and The Organization of Amputees Republike Srpske (UDAS), we’ve been working to equip survivors with the skills and resources needed to establish small-scale beekeeping businesses. Through comprehensive training sessions, study visits, and the establishment of the Beekeeping Center in Banja Luka, we’re not only providing a sustainable source of income but also fostering confidence, independence, and a sense of purpose among participants.

Beekeeping isn’t just a hobby; it’s a fulfilling activity and a tool for social inclusion and empowerment. As one participant put it, “Ovo nije hobi, ovo je ljubav” – “This is not a hobby, it’s love”.

The entire article is available at the following link: Beekeeping project from BiH published in Ukrainain beekeeping newspaper