American beekeepers are trained by the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia

Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia (BAS), an organisational unit of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, successfully conducted two online educational events for American beekeepers on the subject of beekeeping with AŽ hives in collaboration with beekeeping instructors. 70 American beekeepers attended online educational events held on 26/ 3/2021 and 2/ 4/2021 via the Zoom platform.

Under the mentorship of prof. dr. Janko Božič (Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana), in collaboration with dr. Lucija Žvokelj (National Veterinary Institute, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ljubljana) and experienced beekeeper and instructor Mitja Smrdel, the BAS conducted educational consultations on two separate levels of complexity, bringing American beekeepers closer to beekeeping with AŽ hives. Anton Žnideršič developed a hive around the turn of the 20th century, and today, more than 90% of Slovenian beekeepers use it as a significant Slovenian invention. The course introduced American beekeepers to the specifics of beekeeping with AŽ hives, as well as different aspects of bee health and answered questions about essential beekeeping activities.

The Belgrade Beekeepers’ Association (BUP) invites BAS to participate

The Belgrade Beekeepers’ Association (BUP) asked the Beekeping Academy of Slovenia to organise one lecture in a series of webinars for a wider audience of beekeepers in the Western Balkans at the beginning of March 2021. Dominika Koritnik Trepel, an American beekeeping instructor, gave a two-hour lecture on “Apitourism as an innovative branch of tourism,” which was attended by 59 people. The lecture was given in Serbian. More… >  here