Celebrating World Bee Day on 20th of May

At Slovenia’s initiative, the 20th of May was declared World Bee Day by the United Nations (UN) in 2018. This day marks the birthday of the greatest Slovenian beekeeper Anton Janša. This year’s motto of the celebration is “Get involved – building new foundations for bees”.

In the 18th century, Anton Janša and Peter Pavel Glavar left a big mark in the field of teaching and education in Slovenia. Anton Janša was the first teacher of beekeeping at the Beekeeping School in Vienna and the author of important works such as: the Discourse on the Swarming of Bees and the Comprehensive Science of Beekeeping. Peter Pavel Glavar, whose 300th birthday is being celebrated this year, was the initiator of educating beekeepers in the Slovene language, which was intended primarily for the common peasant population in order to improve their social and economic conditions. He founded the first beekeeping school in Slovenia in Komenda and later at Lanšprež in the Lower Carniola region.

Successful beekeeping has always been based on a good knowledge of bees and beekeeping technology. The Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia, which was also founded in 2018, strives to spread and pass on Slovenian beekeeping knowledge, experience and findings to the wider world.

In the coming days, a series of events will take place in Slovenia and around the world to mark this year’s World Bee Day. At four international events, the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia will present its activities and newly created programs, which it will implement in this year’s beekeeping season:

1. Online event of the Slovenian Embassy in Copenhagen (Denmark) in cooperation with the European Environment Agency: Listen to the Bees, time of the event: 20. 5. 2021, at 10.00

More about the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/136015818555716/?ref=newsfeed

Webinar link: http://eea.livebit.it/

2. Web conference of the Slovenian Consulate General in Cleveland in cooperation with the Ohio State Beekeepers Association: World Bee Day, time of the event: 20. 5. 2021 at 12.00 pm (EST)

More about the event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/world-bee-day-tickets-142278297217

3. Online international forum organized by the Russian Association for International Cooperation in cooperation with the Society of Friendship and Cultural Relations with Slovenia, the Slovenia-Russia Association and the Russian National Association of Beekeepers: Bee – a symbol of life, friendship and peace, time of the event: 21. 5. 2021

4. Online event in cooperation with the Slovenian Embassy in Skopje and the Nature Conservation Program in North Macedonia: World Bee Day, time of the event: 24.5.2021