Apitourism is a key segment of the green economy, as it significantly promotes the economic efficiency of beekeeping and follows the principles of the strategy for the development of sustainable tourism.

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What is apitourism?

Slovenia was the first country in the world to develop apitourism – an innovative tourist product that is a combination of tourism and beekeeping. It is a unique travel experience and a form of sustainable and responsible tourism that is closely related to the tradition of apiculture. There are currently 45 certified providers of apitourism services in Slovenia. We are also the only country in the world with beekeeping tourist guides.

How can apitourism boost your offer
Do you have a paradise at home, a beautiful apiary and a range of excellent bee products to taste? Would you like to share secrets about the life of bees and inform people about the importance of bees for nature and humanity? Would you like to upgrade your offer and are you interested in additional sources of income? Are you wondering how to combine beekeeping and tourism into a top-notch experience?

If so, then join us for a training course!

Develop your business idea of apitourism, learn to know the latest trends and apitourism providers and discover the key to successful promotion.

– You will learn how to combine beekeeping and tourism into a 5* (star) experience
– You will gain theoretical knowledge in the field of apitourism
– You will visit certified providers of apitourism services in Slovenia
– You will develop your own idea of apitourism
– You will be trained to become a quality apitourism provider

– Lectures by leading, internationally renowned academic experts in the field of apitourism
– Visiting sites that serve as an example of good practice in the field
– Practical work: you will develop your own business idea of apitourism

– Apitourism originates from Slovenia – it is always best to learn from the source
– Slovenia has a leading role in promoting the development of apitourism around the world
– We educate apitourism providers with certificates of excellence
– We are happy to share our knowledge regarding the development of your apitourism offer so that quality apitourism services can spread around the world

The APIMONDIA world beekeeping organization has appointed the Slovenian brand ApiRoutes as the coordinator of the APIMONDIA apitourism working group. In doing so, Apiroutes assumed the leading role in promoting the development of apitourism around the world. Apiroutes is coordinated by the Slovenian tourist agency Aritours and the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association.

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