Guidelines for good hygiene habits in beekeeping

Guidelines for good hygiene habits in beekeeping based on the principles of the HACCP* system are intended for all beekeepers as an aid and guidance in ensuring safe and quality bee products.


Registration for education

Honey is a safe food as far as its production and proper documentation have ensured that there are no harmful substances in it or that they are within normal limits.

 Are you aware of the responsibility and would like to only provide high-quality and safe bee products? Would you like to get acquainted with the appropriate beekeeping technology so that the quality of your honey on the shelves will be the same as in the beehive? Are you interested in how to ensure good hygiene in your beehive? Would you like to sell your honey but do not have internal controls in place? Want to know how to ensure the traceability of your bee products? Have you not received any training on the basics of food hygiene yet?

Then join us and learn about the system for providing and documenting all the essential elements of safe production and processing of bee products.

Value of the programme:

  • You will learn about the ideal hygiene and technical conditions for work and learn about the proper honey production technology
  • You will gain theoretical knowledge in the field of guidelines for hygiene habits in beekeeping
  • You will improve your sensory attributes while getting to know how to taste and recognize honey and learn about its liquefaction, filling and processing
  • You will improve the quality of your products and make your honey more recognizable
  • You will learn how to set up, document, implement and maintain an effective food safety assurance system and keep it up to date

Work method:

  • lectures by Slovenian experts and researchers in the field of guidelines for hygiene habits in beekeeping and hygiene and technical conditions for honey production
  • visiting two sites that serve as examples of good practice – how to produce honey in accordance with hygiene requirements

 Learn from the best.

In Slovenia, we have three protections of the geographical name of honey, which are all recognized at the European level, which is a testament to the indisputable quality of Slovenian honey.

The international method of providing food safety, which also helps beekeepers to achieve a higher standard of bee products safety, is called the HACCP system. In the European Union, Member States are promoting the development of national guidelines of good practice for hygiene and the application of HACCP principles. The system enables the identification, assessment, taking action and control of any harmful substances present in food that may pose a health risk. Guidelines for good hygiene habits in beekeeping offer basic guidelines for establishing and maintaining internal control according to the principles of the HACCP system.