Queen breeding and selection

The queen bee is the focal point of the bee colony, her presence ensures work enthusiasm and the strength of the colony when new eggs begin to hatch.

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Bee colonies with young, one-year-old queens collect as much as 42.2% more than bee colonies with three-year-old queens.

 Every advanced beekeeper knows that quality queens are the first condition for a healthy and profitable bee colony. If the queens are old and unproductive they should be replaced with new ones. However, you need in-depth knowledge to successfully breed quality queens and replace old ones. We are proud to share it with you, as we are specialists in queen breeding and selection. Every year we breed 40,000 queens in Slovenia, a third of which we sell abroad.

Would you like to learn how to breed high-quality queens? Would you like to increase the abundance of egg hatching and enhance the grooming instinct of your bee colonies? Would you like to keep bees that are distinguished by their calmness? Are you wondering how to reduce the susceptibility to diseases of your bee colonies and how to make effective use of certain pastures? Join us and you will learn how to choose the best bee colony with optimal characteristics for queen breeding. Because it is the queen that is the soul of the entire colony that invigorates and encourages every other bee in her hive.


  • You will learn to breed high-quality and reproductive queens.
  • You will learn all the secrets of successful queen breeding, which are the result of a long tradition of breeding and selection by Slovenian beekeepers and professional services of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and the Biotechnical Faculty.
  • You will master the technological process of replacing queens.


  • Lectures by leading, internationally renowned academic experts in the field of queen breeding and selection
  • Visiting a case study of good practice in the field
  • Practical work: you will test yourself in the entire process of queen breeding
  • Visiting the largest queen breeder in Slovenia

The training will take place at the peak of the breeding season.


Since Slovenian beekeepers work with an autochthonous subspecies of bees, the Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica), we pay exceptional attention to the breeding of high-quality queen bees.

  • We have a long tradition in the field of queen breeding, which means our queen bees are held in especially high regard
  • Slovenia is the genetic bank of the Carniolan honey bee in nature, as the import of bees, queen bees or any genetic material is prohibited

We will be happy to pass on our traditional knowledge of queen breeding.

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